Salukat in Sharjah, Nov 9 &10

Gamelan Salukat performance at Sharjah Architecture Triennial!

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Salukat in Bali, Sept 20

Gamelan Salukat performance at Bentara Budaya Bali!

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The word Salukat is Dewa Alit's original combination of two words; "salu" and "kat". "Salu" means house, "kat" signifies regeneration and the cycles of rebirth, and together it makes a place for new creativities based on the tradition.


❖ the instruments ❖

Gamelan Salukat is a set of new 11–tone gamelan instruments developed by Dewa Alit. 


This unique gamelan is a reflection of Dewa Alit’s strong root in traditional music as well as his hope to accommodate challenges he faces in creating new music in Bali.  


In his system, the instruments are tuned in two different sets of 7-tone scale. There are 3 out of 7 tones which are shared among them, 4 are different, and this lets the set consisting of 7-tone-key instruments to have 11 tones as the whole ensemble.

❖ the musicians ❖

The members of Gamelan Salukat consists of some 25 young musicians from Ubud area.  They are not only musicians with high skill and knowledge in traditional gamelan, but also are enthusiastic about being on the very front line in the Balinese gamelan music scene by playing Dewa Alit's most new and challenging music.  

❖ tours ❖

2009 & 2010

"A House in Bali"

US Tour

Zellerbach Hall, Cal Arts, Berkeley

Cutler Majestic Theatre, Emerson Collage, Boston

Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY

 2013 & 2015


International Gamelan Festival,

Universiti Teknologi Mara, Kuala Lumpur


Europe tour

International Gamelan Festival, Munich, Germany

Sommerscen Festival, Malmo, Sweden

Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Rudolstadt Festival, Germany