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May 25 performance in Bali

Gamelan Salukat's full-stage performance at Bentara Budaya Bali, Ketewel


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Salukat in Munich, June 2018

Gamelan Salukat will be at International Gamelan Festival in Munich, Germany, from 8 to 17 June, 2018.

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ⓒ Dewa Alit & Gamelan Salukat

our CD store is now open!

now you can purchase Dewa Alit's music CDs online from our site!

finally, we have opened our online shop for our CDs!


please check our online shop here.

we ship worldwide with a $3.50 flat shipping/handling fee per order.


for now, orders are shipped from Manohara Co.,Ltd, Japan, as the delivery would be much cheaper, faster and safer this way than from Bali. Hiromi from Manohara has generously agreed to help us  for a very small fee in order to support Gamelan Salukat. Thank you, Hiromi!



for shipping within Indonesia, please contact us via email or from the contact form on this site.