Salukat in Bali, Sept 20

Gamelan Salukat performance at Bentara Budaya Bali!

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Vancouver residency, Feb 1-10

Dewa Alit is going to a 10-day composer-residency at UBC, Vancouver!

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new CD!

Dewa Alit's long-awaited, newest CD has come! 

This CD includes two compositions.

"Genetic" is a piece Dewa composed around his own interpretation of  the scientific and natural phenomena of DNA into the life of music from traditional to contemporary, featuring the full-set emsemble, Gamelan Salukat.  The composition itself was finished in 2012.

"Land is Talking" is a collection of 5 short pieces through which  Dewa hopes to convey the sad and angry voices of the land that are being over-developed for new hotels and restaurants in Bali.

Dewa Alit's second CD from Gamelan Salukat is now available. 


1. GENETIC    31:00

2. TANAH SEDANG BICARA (Land is Talking) 

   Ciptaan Dan Energi (Creation and Energy)    7:16

   Kuasa Tanah (The Power of Land)          6:10

   Yeh Akah (Root Water)                    7:36

   Yeh Ngetel (Dripping Water)       6:06

   Bongol (Deaf/Not Hearing)    3:58

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