Salukat in Sharjah, Nov 9 &10

Gamelan Salukat performance at Sharjah Architecture Triennial!

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Salukat in Bali, Sept 20

Gamelan Salukat performance at Bentara Budaya Bali!

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Dewa Alit with Talujon Percussion

Dewa Alit is writing a piece for Talujon Percussion's new "Pocket Gamelan" project.

Taljon Percussion

(quoted their website :

Described by the New York Times as an ensemble possessing an "edgy, unflagging energy", Talujon has been mesmerizing audiences since 1990. Talujon is thoroughly committed to the expansion of the contemporary percussion repertoire as well as the education and diversification of its worldwide audience. Over the past 20 years, Talujon has commissioned dozens of new works for percussion quartet. 


Pocket Gamelan

“Pocket Gamelan” is an evening-length show presented by Talujon percussion sextet which features newly commissioned works by American composers Glenn Kotche and Nick Brooke, choregraphy and performance by Mugiyono Kasido, and a new work by Dewa Alit, a leading experimental composer from Indonesia.


The multimedia program re-imagines the gamelan as a makeshift and dynamic instrumentarium, comprised of parts gathered from the surrounding environment.


see detail at Talujon's website!